Online form Submission System for Admission to class XI for the academic year 2020

Registration process starts:- 2019-05-22
Last Date of Registration:- 2019-05-28
Important Instructions: Applicants are istructed to carefully read & follow the Admission Notice before filling up the application form

Please collect Required Data before filling up the application form

Applicant's Name Applicant's Father/Mother Name Applicant's Guardian's Name Applicant's Date of Birth
Applicant's Nationality Gardian's Mobile No. (Not Changeable) Applicant's Address Guardian's Occupation & Annual Income
Applicant's Caste & Sub-caste Applicant's Adhaar No. (Unique) Applicant's Last School Applicant's Last Given 10th Exam Name
Applicant's Religion Applicant's Bank A/c No. Applicant's Bank Details Applicant's Blood Group
Applicant's 10th Exam Name Board Name Year of Passing 10th Exam 10th Exam Registration No. 10th Exam Roll No.
Subjectwise Marks in 10th Exam Applicant's Photo
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Applicant's Signature
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Guardian's Signature
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  • Data given in above table are mandetory for filling up the application form
  • Applicants are strictly advised to not submit same application twice. Otherwise her application will be rejected.
  • Please do not refresh the webpage during the form submission. Otherwise the form will not be submitted. Use Reset Button in case of form data clearance.