New Barrackpur Colony Boys' High School, also known as Boys' School in short, is situated at New Barrackpur, Kolkata near Airport. The school was established in 1951. Since its establishment the school has earned a reputation for itself by creating an excellent atmosphere for studies and the teachers of this school teach the students with utmost care and sincerity. As a result of these the students of this school have done quite well in both Madhyamik Pariksha and Higher Secondary Examination over the past years. Every year on the 3rd of January the school holds a cultural function on the occasion of its foundation day. Teachers and students take part in this cultural function and it helps to foster the students' talent. A talent competition is also organized simultaneously with the same purpose of helping the students develop their talent for drawing,recitation,singing. A quiz contest held as part of this talent competition helps to encourage students garner more and more knowledge of things. All these things have made it a school we really feel proud of.New Barrackpur Colony Boys' High School or Boys' School, whatever you might call it, the locality knows the school for its endless endeavour to create brilliant students.